The Tie-tieds. Capitalism And The Artist Critique

Text contribution to «Office Party. Multidimensional Spectrum of Voices», a project by Lorenzo Sandoval. With writing by John Holten, María Ptqk, Eirik Sørdal and Anna-Sophie Springer. Publication, installation and workshop on collective writing. Kinderhook-Caracas Gallery, Berlin; Galería Rosa Santos, Valencia. Berlin 2013.

Download PDF «The Tie-tieds. Capitalism and the artist critique».


Listen to the sound version of the text on display in the exhibition.
Voice performance: Denise Baldauf. Sound engineer: Pedro Andre.


«Office Party. Multidimensional Spectrum of Voices» is a narrative experiment that unfolds in the form of multiple objects, texts and activities. The project stems from a series of images found in an unmarked Ilford Photograph box. The box contains a group of black and white photographs taken at a party in an office in West Berlin in the late sixties. Or maybe the early seventies. The images were taken by the same person, surely the official photographer of the celebration. There are multiple prints of certain photographs, which were likely made to be sold or given to the employees of the office as a reminder of the event.

Four writers were selected to interpret the photographs narratively, and to install their texts within an architectural device that provides a discursive space to host them along with the original photos. The exhibition is developed in conjunction with a series of collective writing workshops and performances taking place at Gallery Rosa Santos in Valencia and Kinderhook & Caracas in Berlin.

A resulting publication will be compiled and released by Broken Dimanche Press.